Theatre person dates non-theatre person:
  • Non-Theatre: That's a lot of hours, don't you get more time off?
  • Theatre: No.
  • Non-Theatre: I just couldn't imagine working like you work.
  • Theatre: Okay.
  • Non-Theatre: Why do you have to work so much?
  • Theatre: To make the show happen.
  • Non-Theatre: Couldn't you just request time off?
  • Theatre: I don't want to.
  • Non-Theatre: What?!
  • Theatre: Ten bucks says I love my job more than you do.


NotWallpaper featuring Patterned Paint Rollers. Our patterned paint rollers help you create a beautiful stencil like design on walls, wood, furniture, fabric, paper, clay and more!

Oh my god! Need!!!!

The WWT scene shop utilizes neat tools like these to do detailing like we saw in this room in Pygmalion

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Maya Angelou passed away at 86. 

Read some of her poetry available for free online here.

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Bennie and the Crew

A cover of Bennie and the Jets by our crew for our graduating senior Bennie. 

"Women shouldn’t be valued because we are strong, or kick-ass, but because we are people.  So don’t focus on writing characters who are strong.  Write characters who are people.”

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Happy Earth Day!

We love all of our plants! <3